Premium Peruvian Sphagnum Moss

Unlock the full potential of your houseplants and propagations with our Premium Peruvian Sphagnum Moss. Sourced from Andes in Peru, this nutrient-dense moss is nature’s gift to your indoor garden.

🌱 Rooting and Propagation Master: Our moss is a versatile powerhouse, perfect for rooting cuttings, nodes, and various propagation methods. This moss is perfect for rooting or propagation and also a versatile choice for a wide variety of indoor plants, including aroids, ferns, tropical varieties, and more. It’s your key to lush foliage, vibrant blooms, and healthy root development.

 🌎 Sustainable & Eco-Conscious: We take pride in our sustainable practices. Our Peruvian Sphagnum Moss is harvested with utmost care for the environment, making it an eco-friendly choice for plant enthusiasts. It’s grown and harvested with respect for the Andean ecosystem.

🌸 Resealable Packaging: Your convenience is our priority. Our Premium Peruvian Sphagnum Moss comes dried in resealable packaging, ensuring freshness and ease of use. 

Size: One Quart

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