Premium Soil Mix

Get ready to unlock the full potential of your aroids and other beloved houseplants with our nutrient-dense Northland Botanical Premium Soil Mix. Our carefully crafted blend is a powerhouse of essential nutrients, specially designed to supercharge growth and vitality. Packed with value, it fosters healthy root development, lush foliage, and vibrant blooms. Give your plants the premium treatment they deserve and watch them thrive like never before.

 🌱 Rich in Nutrients: Enhances soil aeration, drainage, and nutrient absorption to support the thriving ecosystem of your indoor houseplants.

🌎 Eco-Conscious: Crafted from sustainable, premium components such as composted forest humus, fish emulsion, earthworm castings, coco coir & sphagnum peat moss.  Enriched with beneficial fungi and microbes to foster robust root development and luxuriant foliage.

🌺 Resealable Packaging: Presented in resealable packaging & available in realistic sizes for indoor plant enthusiasts.

🌳 Inspired by a Purpose: Our environmentally friendly blend contributes to the battle against climate change and is versatile, making it ideal for various indoor plants, encompassing foliage plants, flowers, ferns, and especially tropical varieties.


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