Philodendron Florida "Beauty" Starter+

Discover the Philodendron Florida "Beauty", a stunning addition to any rare plant collection. This starter+ plant showcases a vibrant variegation with yellow and green leaves. Originating from hybrid cultivation, this Philodendron will transform your home into a botanical haven. 

*** These images are a general representation of size and color, and the plant you receive will vary due to its nature of being one of a kind.

🌱 CARE See care instructions below.

Light Place your plant in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight. This means positioning it near a window that gets plenty of light but is shielded from direct rays, which could potentially harm the foliage.

Soil Use a well-draining soil to ensure that water does not accumulate around the roots, preventing issues like root rot and supporting healthy plant growth. 

Humidity Keep the area around your plant moderately to highly humid to mimic its natural environment.. You can mist the plant occasionally or use a humidifier.

Watering Water the plant when the top inch of soil feels dry, allowing the soil to almost dry out between waterings. Be careful not to over-water.

Feeding Apply a balanced fertilizer every few months to nourish your plant and encourage growth,  particularly during the growing seasons of spring and summer.

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Presenting the Philodendron Florida Beauty

Showcases lush, unique shaped leaves that feature enchanting variegation. Its rich green color is complemented by striking cream and yellow markings, creating an eye-catching contrast that instantly draws attention. Each leaf exhibits its own distinctive pattern, making every Florida Beauty plant a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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