Monstera Thai Constellation (4" pot)

The Thai Constellation Monstera Deliciosa is known for its creamy, splattered variegation that resembles the night sky. This variety also originates in Thailand, which coined the name "Thai Constellation". Amongst the list of must haves for most plant collectors, this plant matures with huge fenestrated leaves with unique splashes of creamy, and green variegation.

Care: The Monstera Delcisiosa tends to grow a bit larger, and sprawl a bushier presence in comparison to its Albo Borsigania sibling. It can still vine, and appreciates something like a Moss Pole for the arial roots to clime on. Provide this plant plenty of bright, indirect light. Variegated Monstera's appreciate a higher humidity environment, and to be watered moderately. We recommend a well-draining soil, watering lightly when the topsoil begins to feel try to a touch. 

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